GreenCorp Engineering Pte Ltd (GCE) provides comprehensive water and wastewater treatment solutions, chemical manufacturing, as well as design and setting up of water and wastewater treatment systems. Our core business is in providing Total Solution in Water Treatment. Our business philosophy is to provide complete solutions to our customers and to ensure our customers get the return on their investment in us.

We are dedicated and committed to the environment by providing competitive, cost effective and innovative waste water treatment solutions to various industries. Together with our technology partners, we specialized in turnkey, design and build projects for industrial wastewater & municipal sewage treatment systems and facilities.

GCE's solutions are not limited to water but also include other environmental field. Using featured technologies to reduce the impact on the global environment, such as recycling of metallic sludge with the objective of preserving the environment. In the management of wastewater treatment system, by-products from the different industries could be converted into value added product and hence minimize the need of landfilling.  We utilize our knowledge and technologies cultivated by studying water to promote not only environmental conservation but also effective use of resources, thus contributing to realizing a sustainable system.